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The contract is published 24.11.2022 14:37. Date of last changes: 24.11.2022 14:55

ГАЗ СПБТ марки А -

Contract ID UA-2022-11-24-005611-a-b1  
ID 2bb6277ed3fe40adbd58b87e32553e73  
The amount of the contract
4`110.00 Hryvnia

Сontract identification

The amount of the contract 4`110.00 Hryvnia (VAT included)  
Agreement price without VAT 3`841.12 Hryvnia  
Total payments under the agreement 4`110.00 Hryvnia (VAT included)  
Total payments under the agreement without VAT 3`841.12 Hryvnia  
Contract number 73/2022  
Date of signing 24.11.2022  
Start date 24.11.2022  
Expiration Date 31.12.2022  
The contract was signed and was in force, but already concluded. It may be caused by execution of the contract, or early termination due to some incomplete.

Nomenclature contract

ГАЗ СПБТ марки А
ДК 021:2015: 09120000-6 - Газове паливо
Delivery address: 67620, Україна, Одеська область, село ВИГОДА, Центральна,46
Required maximum delivery date : 31.12.2022
Quantity: 150 літр

Contract documents / changes

Document type is not specified
Документ газ.pdf
Published: 24.11.2022 14:54
ID: 877a5f0b13b040b3a7a27201656c2bd5
Document type is not specified
Published: 24.11.2022 14:55
ID: 7a19a999077041baafafc2c802c12b1b

Procurement entity

Official name КП "Вигодянський сількомунгосп "Водограй"  
National ID / Tax Number 36770012  
Legal address 67620, Україна, Одеська область, Одеський р-н, вул. Центральна ,46  
Purchase procedure Purchase without the use of an electronic system  

Information about supplier

Name of Entity ПМП "Автосервіс"  
National ID 19207838  
Legal address 67622, Україна, Одеська область, с.Курган, вул.Шевченка буд.57