Migration of ProZorro from Amazon to Ukraine

from 20:00 on February 2 until 08:00 on February 5

Migration of ProZorro from Amazon to Ukraine

From early February, the document service ProZorro module will migrate from Amazon hosting to Ukraine. This is an unprecedented case for both the Ukrainian IT system and the global IT community. Usually migration occurs in the opposite direction, but the Law of Ukraine "On Information Security in Information and Telecommunications Systems" obliges Prozorro to place data in the data center on the territory of Ukraine.

At the time of the creation of ProZorro in Ukraine, there was no corresponding technology, so at the first stage, the cloud resources of the world leader were chosen, which are used by a large number of start-ups of the world - Amazon web-services. Now, a unique technology has been developed specifically for the Ukrainian electronic public procurement system that will allow storing data in Ukraine.

In general, the complete migration of ProZorro data is planned from the beginning of February to the middle of March.

During the first stage of the move, there will be no possibility to download documents from all web-sites from 20:00 on February 2 until 08:00 on February 5. All materials must be placed before or after this period.

About 45 terabytes of information and more than 30 million files have already moved from Amazon to Ukraine. Now there is a move of important modules of the system functioning. Prozorro is developed taking into account modern technologies, which are often not fully available in Ukraine, so migration is gradual.