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Electrolytic installation of type СЕУ-4М

Tender ID UA-2019-02-11-000827-c  
ID 23eba296f6404ad1b109f8acf9627d78  
Expected price
8`338`536.00 UAH
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Organizer of procurement

Official name Private LC Cherkasy Khimvolokno  
Expected price 8`338`536.00 UAH (VAT included)  
Amount of the minimal step of auction 83`385.36 UAH  
Providing tender offer (e-warranty) 250`156.08 UAH  
Purchase procedure Open procurement published in English  

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Offers considered
The date of the auction may change after the Customer has completed the consideration of the received offers

Procurement specifications

Electrolytic installation of type СЕУ-4М
ДК 021:2015: 31730000-2 - Електротехнічне обладнання
Delivery address: 18013, Україна, Черкаська область, м. Черкаси, проспект Хіміків 76
Required maximum delivery date : 01.08.2019
Quantity: 1 комплекти

Tender documents

Bidding Documents
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Enquiry period end date 04.03.2019 16:29  
Proposals start date 11.02.2019 16:25  
Proposals end date 14.03.2019 16:29  
Auction start date 19.04.2019 14:13  

Organizer of procurement

Official name Private LC Cherkasy Khimvolokno  
National ID / Tax Number 00204033  
Legal address 18036, Україна, Черкаська область, Черкаси, проспект Хіміків,76