Announced: 14.01.2020 23:41. Last modified: 14.01.2020 23:45


Tender ID UA-2020-01-14-000670-a  
ID 4129b175e75e464999dbc3fc5d9249fc  
Plan ID UA-P-2020-01-14-003078-a  
Expected price
1`675`300.00 UAH
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Procurement entity

Official name Department of Education Stryi District Administration  
Expected price 1`675`300.00 UAH (VAT included)  
Amount of the minimal step of auction 16`753.00 UAH  
Purchase procedure Open procurement  
Procurement Category: Goods  
till 20.01.20
Complaint period
till 26.01.20
Bid apply
till 30.01.20
Remains10 days Hurry to participate!

Terms of the payment

Title of event Goods delivery  
Type of the payment Payment after delivery (made works)  
Payment amount (IMPORTANT: Total payment terms must be 100%) 100%  
Period 30 ?:tender milestones item duration type calendar  

Procurement specifications

ДК 021:2015: 09130000-9 - Нафта і дистиляти
Delivery address: 82400, Україна, Львівська область, АЗС Стрийського району, -
Required maximum delivery date : 31.12.2020
Quantity: 2 найменувань

Tender documents

Bidding Documents
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Enquiry period end date 20.01.2020 18:00  
Proposals start date 14.01.2020 23:41  
Proposals end date 30.01.2020 18:00  
Auction start date 31.01.2020 14:43  

Procurement entity

Official name Department of Education Stryi District Administration  
National ID / Tax Number 36742802  
Legal address 82400, Україна, Львівська область, місто Стрий, вулиця Шевченка 107