Announced: 22.05.2020 22:42. Last modified: 22.05.2020 22:46

Generators (31120000-3) (power station diesel 5KJS800ASB or equivalent) -

Tender ID UA-2020-05-22-006181-c  
ID 57cc770293ab46bd9c198718b4be21c1  
Plan ID UA-P-2020-04-07-000251-b  
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Procurement entity

Official name Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (Procurement Department for Procurement, Operational, Technical and Medical Support of Procurement Department of the Department of Public Procurement and Supply of MOU Material Resources)  
Expected price 5`100`000.00 UAH (VAT included)  
Amount of the minimal step of auction 51`000.00 UAH  
Providing tender offer (e-warranty) 51`000.00 UAH  
Purchase procedure Negotiating procedure for defense  
Procurement Category: Goods  

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