Announced: 22.05.2020 22:55. Last modified: 22.05.2020 23:05

71250000-5 Architectural, engineering and geodetic services (Land management services for registration / re-registration of title documents for land plots) -

Tender ID UA-2020-05-22-006187-c  
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1. Purchasing financing source: funds of the enterprise 2. Nameofthecustomer. RegionalBranch"LvivRailway" of JointStock Company "UkrainianRailway" 3. Location of the customer. 1, Hohol str., Lviv Region, Lviv,Halytsky District, 79000 4. Code according to EDRPOU 40081195 5. Customer category: Legalentity that operatesinone or mor eseparate economic spheres. 6. Information on the language (s) in which the tenders shall be drawn up: All documents related to the tender offer are drawn up in Ukrainian or Russian. Tender documents submitted in other languages are submitted to gether with the official translationin to Ukrainian. The text sshall be authentic, Ukrainian version shall prevail.

Procurement entity

Official name structural unit "Service Logistics" Regional branch "Lviv Railway" JSC "Ukrzaliznytsia .  
The total budget for procurement 770`833.95 UAH (no VAT)  
Purchase procedure Open procurement published in English  
till 12.06.20
Complaint period
till 18.06.20
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till 22.06.20
Remains27 days Hurry to participate!
from 22.06.20
Offers considered
The date of the auction may change after the Customer has completed the consideration of the received offers